The Biodynamic Way to Grow Healthy Food


“The biodynamic way to grow healthy food, build thriving communities and give back to the earth” Citizen Farmers by Daron Joffe.

Before I get started, this is the book I have chosen for my book club for April. On Instagram, I pick a book at the beginning of the month and focus all posts around its’ writings.

I adored this book.  I have always known that a garden brings joy through being in nature and nourishing us; however, after my years in naturopathic medical school and learning about the body’s physiology, I became keenly aware of the connection between the heartbeats of our body, and of nature. They are intertwined intensely and we need each other tremendously (many will say we need the planet more, and I can not disagree).

In the last few decades, we have steered away from nature. Factory farming became prevalent, and then technology bloomed. With these, for the most part, we left the outdoors be. Our health has deteriorated, and one definite cause is letting go of innately knowing how our lives are better when we are in balance in nature. Getting back the biodynamic way to grow healthy food is essential.

Here are three reasons that have been well researched of why being in nature matters

  • increase natural killer immune cell levels (part of the white blood cell fighting team)
  • aid in relaxing our parasympathetic nervous system, thus reducing stress hormones and allowing us to feel less fatigued
  • may have anti-inflammatory effects

Amiably, Citizen Farmers dives deep into farming basics whether you have a small, large yard. He writes about design, composting, planting, being sustainable – achieving net with neutral impact, regenerative – making a place better than you found it, and biodynamic farming ( moon cycles, and understanding all aspects of farming have meaning (even those midnight veggie thieves).

In the chapter on Planning – Vision, he helps define your intention, and plan your garden vision. This indeed helps you move forward with confidence, which would help me. In another chapter, he speaks of the gardener’s medicine chest: what to plant and how. And then, he finishes with seed saving, caning and has some recipes.

I hope to see you over on Instagram and let us know if you garden, and if so, what you garden I love a good flower garden)!


dr. heather

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