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"My children ages 7-10 are engaged and explaining at dinner time digestion processes they've learned in class. I appreciate the straightforward teacher lesson plans and the simple experiments that reinforce main concepts. We are taking our time working through the materials because of the varied worksheets presented. My students worked both with assistance and independently. I ordered the high school version at first because of its thoroughness, but quickly realized that the material for primary level (one free unit was included) was not dumbed down and is quite substantial. I am so glad I didn't try to reinvent the wheel. The curriculum has been developed with attention to detail. Thank you. Looking forward to using the high school version in a couple of years."
T. Matos
My grade 5 students thoroughly enjoyed exploring the human body digestive system using the Human Body Detectives series! Dr. Manly does a wonderful job of introducing the human body systems using “kid friendly” language, making it easy for children to understand their own bodies and functions. The adventures of Pearl and Merrin in their little brother Robbie’s Digestive system, is a fun and interesting way to learn about the body. My students were very entertained and engaged with the story book, The Lucky Escape, which is the central theme for all the lessons and activities. After reading the story about digestion, the students participated in many activities and experiments becoming their own human body detectives, discovering new and interesting things about themselves. My favorite activity was having the children trace their own bodies and begin piecing together the parts of the digestive system like, “little detectives”. Students were amazed by the actual size of the stomach and the lengths of the esophagus and intestines! These facts helped to stimulate lots of discussion and questioning! What makes the Human Body Detectives Science program so unique from other programs is that it blends Science nicely with Narrative Reading and Health. Kids not only learn about the parts of their digestive system, but they learn the importance of healthy eating and what it means for the body. They also learn that interesting Science facts can be learned through literature and not just with a textbook. The students were so inspired by Pearl and Merrin’s adventures that they wrote their own adventures through the digestive system from the perspective of a piece of food! They were able to apply what they had learned about the digestive system and write their own creative stories about what happens to food when it enters the body. I would recommend this program for any teacher who wants their students to learn about the human body in a fun, creative and “hands-on” way. It is also for the teachers who wish to teach Health, Reading and Writing outcomes/objectives along with their Science.
Natalie Spevakow
Grade 5 Teacher
My 7-year old son loves the program.  He loves listening to the stories and following along with the book (which I printed out) while were traveling in the car. He plays the theme song over and over again. He has learned a great deal about the circulatory, immune and digestive system! Love it!!
Diane S.
Co-op Member
We loved the stories and accompanying curriculum. Also the entire website is neat. 🙂 We will use it in a homeschoolers club as a health/wellness curriculum part. From one mom to another (the creator is a mom): Thanks a lot for an easy to implement human anatomy/health education curriculum!
San Gentry
Co-op Member
We are really enjoying the digestion unit. The girls have completely overcome their skepticism & now eagerly look forward to a fun lesson!
Jen G.
Co-op Member
I was absolutely blown away after I downloaded all of the Human Body Detectives. Dr. Manley did a fabulous and very thorough job of covering three very important systems in the body. I am eager to read her book and share this great information with my kids this year. I have told several other homeschooling families about this wonderful curriculum. I eagerly await any other additions to this curriculum by Dr. Manley. Thanks!
Great program. Easy to use and follow (for me) and the kids really enjoyed it. Very informative. Would highly recommend it.
Kim A.
Co-op Member
LearnEatGrow is proud to include a grade 4-6 workshop based on the Human Body Detectives Digestive curriculum. We are excited to include this workshop as part of our 2012/13 schedule. Dr Heather Manley should be commended for her innovative, creative and informative curriculum. As nutritionist and nutritional educators we believe that the HBD digestive curriculum allows us to present  a critical scientific concept in a manner that educates as well as entertains the children. Dr. Heather's creative delivery ideas are simply brilliant. At LearnEatGrow our core is nutritional education and we appreciate how difficult it can be to present scientific topics to children in a manner that will resonate with them. The HBD Digestive curriculum offers teachers innovative ways to present the digestive system, offers children an invaluable lesson on the digestive system and parents the ability to continue the learning at home. We highly recommend the HBD curriculum.
We LOVE Human Body Detectives! It has it all: great information presented in a fun, interactive way for the kiddos, and clear and easy to follow plans for me. There are stickers, activities and more. And the fact that it is written by a physician and nutritional expert who has the same health values as I do, so I can teach my children with confidence.
Leslie Kelly
Co-op Member
The Human Body Detectives curriculum is a fantastic way to help kids understand and take ownership of their own health. Through accessible materials and beautiful design, kids are engaged, challenged and rewarded for making the connection that what they’re putting into their bodies affects how well their bodies are working for them. How many times a day do we as parents tell our kids to eat healthy foods with no results? Human Body Detectives allows the experiential learning that is so important to encoding competency. Once kids become experts on how their own digestive, immune and circulatory systems work, they become more mindful and respectful of the human body - it’s learning that will ground them for life. I’d like to see this curriculum in my kids’ classroom, and in every classroom in the country.
Sara Winter
Founder, Squag.com
We are three sessions into the Human Body Detective series and my girls (4, 6 & 9) are LOVING it. Its a great break from our regular science program and already worth the money spent! Ive got three little ones all wanting to be doctors now!
A. Lane
Co-op Member
My daughter (7 years old) is extremely interested in the human body and how it works. We have exhausted our two local libraries of books, and she wears out our doctor with questions every time she sees him, lol. I was thrilled to see this curriculum offered. I found the stories engaging, but my daughter struggles with these because she prefers straight non-fiction. We both enjoy the activities or mini-labs as I call them. She has been fully engaged with this curriculum so far. Its a HIT in our house. My only suggestion would be to include some suggested movies or other non-fiction titles to add on to the learning. I only add that because my child cannot get enough of this stuff.
Tina Simmons
Co-op Member
Human Body Detectives provides a variety of activities that appeal to various learning modalities – videos and colorful graphics for the Picture Learner, discovery activities for Hands-On and Whole Body Learners, audio presentations for the Listening Learners. There is also something for all of the learning personalities – games and adventure tales for Performing Paul/Paula, exploratory lessons for Inventing Isabel/Ian and Thinking-Creating Ted/Terry, personal stories for Relating-Inspiring Rita/Ron, and interesting worksheets for Producing Pete/Pam.
Mariaemma Willis, M.S.
Learning Style Specialist
Until last week I didn’t think it was possible to make the HBD series any better than it already is. However seeing and using the curriculum that supports the books changed my mind. The lessons became family dinner conversation. I believe this curriculum would be a good fit for any Home school (or After school) science curriculum Grade 2 and up. They would also be a great option for Co-ops and regular classroom settings. Our family will definitely be investing in the rest of the the Human Body detective curriculum. (read complete review, click here)
Human Body Detectives has been the perfect science addition this year. Each lesson is simple and only takes as long as the kids keep chatting about what they are learning. My girls are grade 4 and 6 and find this challenging enough to pay attention but easy enough that we don't have to take all day. I love that it is printable. Each section only takes one month to finish if you do it once a week. I would recommend this product!! Even I am learning!
Julia B.
Co-op Member
My children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the body using Human Body Detectives. The modules are easy to follow, each lesson is fun and interactive and the audio / visual elements really give the children a sense of ownership over the project. Most importantly, my children understand the human body and can talk easily and clearly about each of the systems they've learned about. I would recommend it to everybody without hesitation!
L. Green
Co-op Member
I’ve taught science for over 30 years to all ages of children, and this is the first time I’ve encountered something about the human body that is so well-written and so engaging that any child would love the adventure. These books are packed with terrific information that every child (and every parent!) should have. I have had a sneak peak at Dr. Manley curriculum based on all of her books for both homeschoolers and traditional school teachers. These should be in every school and every home with young children. There’s nothing more important for kids to learn than how to take care of their own bodies, especially in these confusing times. If you understand something well, you can make better decisions. These books will help kids make those decisions.
Susan Lehner
Science Teacher

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