The ESSENTIAL 3 Minute Daily Health Habit


Daily dry skin brushing is simple habit that has profound effects on our overall health.

Sounds strange, well, the dry part. For years, probably decades, I have used a loofah in the shower, however, never before. a shower. Yet, in medical school I learned the why to dry skin brushing and realized how simple and profound it is to our overall health; an essential health habit to begin today!

Dry skin brushing:

Moving the lymphatic system is the big one here. It doesn’t more well on its own – doesn’t have a pump, like the heart –  and encouraging it along is a smart thing to do. Skin brushing does the trick along with massage, exercise, and trampoline jumping. The lymphatic system picks up waste materials in the body and hands it over to the blood to be pushed out of the body via sweat, urine or pooping.

Best time to do it? Right before you head into the shower.

The how to: I grab my loofah and begin on my legs with light brush strokes towards my heart and middle section. I travel all the way up, doing both sides. Once I hit my torso area, I begin with my hands and arms and again, brushing towards my heart ( overlapping is fine).

side note: I hit basically any skin area – pits, chest and as much as my back as I can. Remember to do light brushing as you don’t want to irritate your skin – less is usually more.

Plus: purchase a loofah brush that has natural bristles and don’t brush over skin that is broken.

Extra health note: After your nice warm shower, blast your body with cold water! Sounds harsh, and it kinda is at the beginning, but it will really help get your blood flowing!


dr. heather

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