Fun Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer


Help your kids plan their last-minute summer bucket lists.

Summer Family Bucket List

Summer is here and, in fact, crazy to believe, almost over. And maybe your kids are getting restless or even a little bored? If so, if you haven’t created a summer bucket list, now is a great time.

Side Note: I like a little boredom; it is not a bad thing. In fact, I think it is very healthy; it stimulates imagination and creativity. When TV screens were available in car, my kids begged for one. Of course, I said no, and I explained to them by looking out a car window, you begin to dream, dream about what you want, what you want to do, what you can make, and how you can do that. At the time, they were devastated, but if that memory comes up now, they thank me.

However, when my kids were little, I needed a plan for my sanity! At the next family meal, give everyone a piece of paper and pen and have them come up with three things they individually want to do before the end of the summer. 

Your kids will love this! 

This fun activity makes for a great dinner conversation, followed by a fun family activity making the lists. After the individual lists are made, start sharing. Usually, we had some outrageous requests, but they are all pretty doable in general. Typically, but maybe not a big surprise, when younger, Pearl would write down her top summer movie choices, and Merrin, who is older, would ask for more independence, for instance, taking the bus to the closest town which is an hour away with her best friend. 

Here are some of our last-minute summer bucket list fun activities:
  1. Camping
  2. Going to a new beach, having a picnic dinner and watching the sunset
  3. Weekend on another Hawaii island
  4. Neighborhood BBQ

If you need some help or ideas, travel to https://www.funlovingfamilies.com/summer-bucket-list-for-families or https://wellnessmama.com/travel/summer-bucket-list. They have some easy yet fun ideas (how about making water balloons??).

Have fun with this, make themes, prioritize goals, and weave together everyone’s desires to make it a well-rounded and happy family experience.

Let us know what is on your end-of-the-summer bucket list!


dr. heather

PS If you have some book worms, pick up the Human Body Detectives books and you may have a budding scientist, doctor or chef!

Thank you Unsplash for the image.

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