Girl’s Curriculum: The Scoop on Being Me

Girl’s Curriculum: The Scoop on Being Me

This curriculum is designed to empower girls ages 10 to 14 to understand how their female bodies work: anatomy and physiology. This course is playful yet full of essential information and terminology that will aid girls during the changes that happen during puberty.

Girl’s syllabus includes:
• female anatomy
• the female cycle
• female physiology
• journaling and charting
• menstrual cycle myths & truths, PMS ( prevention & treatments)
• healthy lifestyle
* This course is not designed to teach about reproduction or intercourse


Girl’s curriculum includes:
• six 50-minute lesson plans
• handouts, images
• student cloze notes
• teacher resource page
• inspiration quotes and discussion questions

Email if you have any questions.

Digital only: $50.00

A side note: The Girl’s Curriculum: Being Me is a six week course; however, that may be adjusted as to what is best for the students.

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