How To Best Stock Up Your Kitchen


I noticed my kitchen pantry, fridge and freezer were bare, so I went to my local market to “stock up” them with whole foods.

And immediately I became overwhelmed.

I do not grocery shop this way: it is not my usual. I typically visit the farmers market every Saturday and the butcher every 3 to 4 weeks, and when need be, a trip to the grocery store. In this instance, I had missed the farmer’s market, hence the trip to the store.

As I aimlessly wandered around, I finally decided to head to the walk the store’s periphery (a clever move to avoid all the cans and bagged foods) and then stopped in the frozen foods section.

Here are a few tips for grocery store shopping:

  1. Inventory what you have before shopping
  2. Don’t buy any foods you wouldn’t normally eat (THIS is good because when I was shopping, I was so tempted to buy any food – that is why sticking to the periphery of the store is smart)
  3. Use your freezer
  4. Plan for simple meals*
  5. Stock up on family’s staples
  6. Pick up a few treats for weekends and picnics

*Empowering your kids to help not only can help you but also encourage them to try new foods. With little kids, com through cooking books together and have them choose some simple recipes that you can make together. With teens, freezing foods makes it easy for them to grab and cook easily. Perhaps, they can help organize kitchen  pantry, fridge or freezer! Lots of great info on this on HBD instagram; check it out.


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