Kid Food Fights Be Gone


Kid food fights might be a norm at your house, however, I have a few tips that just may help. Lucky for me, one of my kids is a fabulous eater. This took a great deal of pressure off while grocery shopping and prepared meals. But with the other kid, she had some particular food habits that made it hard at times. On the positive side, it encouraged me to be more creative in the kitchen.

Below are a few things I learned over the years, not just from my kid, but from my patients. I hope they help!

No Labeling

I realize the temptation is strong but not only does it not help the situation, but it also will not make your child feel good if they overhear you say it.

Be a Role Model

Always put the same foods on your child’s plate as everyone else has. If this is consistently done, overtime, the child will eventually adapt to, Monkey see, Monkey do.

Green Eggs and Ham

This book is a must have. Keep it handy – – lying around the house, and maybe even a copy in the car. It’s a playful approach in encouraging kids to try new foods; even just one bite.

Proactive Kids

The more kids are involved: grocery shopping, gardening, chopping, even placing foods on pretty platters, the more likely they will want to try the foods. Here are some recipes that are easy for kids to help out with.

Food History Stories

Kids love a good story. At the dinner table, begin a story about a certain vegetable and then weave in some trivia and history. Have them join in by asking what country, say, broccoli came from and if they think it has a cousin? Or what broccoli does in the body? They really love this stuff!

Be Patient

Changes do not happen over night but stick to the above ideas and I am sure you will begin to see less arguments and more eating.


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