Supplements for Kids

For supplements, I use Full Script as my dispensary. They have hundreds of high-quality supplements and great customer service. For personal care products, I work with Beautycounter because they ban 1500 chemicals from all of their high – performing products that are linked to diseases, and their mission of changing registration to pass stronger regulating laws

Click: Fullscript Below are a few of my favorite supplements with their product codes so you can find them easily.  In addition, I have set up custom form or you can look through their site and find what you need.  If you have any questions, please contact me.

GI Health

  1. Nordic Naturals Probiotic
  2. MetaKids Probiotic: Metagenics
  3. HMF Powder: Genestra
  4. HMF Immune: Genestra

Nordic Natural Oils

  1. ProOmega Lemon
  2. DHA Junior
  3. ProOmega Junior


  1. Calm: Little DaVinci
  2. Focus: Little DaVinci
  3. Sleep Tight: Little DaVinci
  4. Calm Specific: Natural Vitality
  5. ProOmega Junior

      Everyday Multivitamins

      1. Chewable Kidbiotic: Little Davinci
      2. Chewable Vitamin C: Little DaVinciClinical Nutrients Male Teens  
      3. Kid’s Optimal Multivitamin: Seeking Health
      4. Junior Nutrients: Pure Encapsulations

      Back to School Healthy Essentials

      1. Vital Nutrients: Berry Well Immune Support
      2. Kids Defense Herbal Drops: GAIA
      3. Black Elderberry Glycerite
      4. RespiGuard Glycerite
      5. Phytoguard Junior Glycerite
      6. Nordic Naturals Probiotic