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"My children ages 7-10 are engaged and explaining at dinner time digestion processes they've learned in class. I appreciate the straightforward teacher lesson plans and the simple experiments that reinforce main concepts. We are taking our time working through the materials because of the varied worksheets presented. My students worked both with assistance and independently. I ordered the high school version at first because of its thoroughness, but quickly realized that the material for primary level (one free unit was included) was not dumbed down and is quite substantial. I am so glad I didn't try to reinvent the wheel. The curriculum has been developed with attention to detail. Thank you. Looking forward to using the high school version in a couple of years."
T. Matos
This is one of the most fun, practical series for children I have seen in a long time.
The Lucky Escape is an awesome learning tool and really makes learning about the human body fun for kids and adults as well. Students can't wait to find out what might happen next in these adventures and as a teacher and a mom, I love to see this enthusiasm!
Recently my daughter had a cold. When she wanted a snack and asked for a cookie, I was able to refer back to Battle of the Bugs. I reminded her that sugar can actually make your cold worse. She said, "Oh yeah." and chose something healthier.
The third grade teacher at my daughter's school will be using this book when teaching about the immune system. My daughter is super excited to have her own book to use with her friends and I am happy she is learning something at the same time!
Both my daughter and I loved it. And it was great because, as a Molecular Cell Biology major, with Anatomy being my all time fave, it was so fun for me to have a way to share some of that with my daughter. The audio was great as well.
Dr. Manley's stories engaged my kids right away. I like how she is able to tell a fun story yet at the same time teach kids how their bodies work and the importance of making good choices about food and lifestyle to keep their bodies healthy.
Human Body Detectives is the perfect combination of entertainment and education. In fact, I doubt kids will realize just how much they're learning! I highly recommend it.
Greg Nigh, ND, Lac
The Human Body Detective stories teach children about their own bodies, health and wellbeing in a creative, engaging and lively way. The adventures are not only educational but suspenseful and humorous.
The series helps us be proactive about health by providing a fun, engaging way to teach the concepts to our children. Overall, we're impressed. The series is a great way to help your children become more aware of their bodies and how the foods they eat can affect them. Hopefully, in turn, they'll be able to make healthy food choices in the future.
Someone gave me Dr. Heather's first book on the digestive system and my daughter learned so much from it. When her new book came out on the immune system, it was an easy purchase for me.
It was interesting and exciting more than other ways to learn about the body.
grade 5 student
The Human Body Detective Series is a must for all parents. If you're trying to get your kids to eat right, stay healthy or exercise then these books are for you. They're destined to become a classic.
Sharon Silver
Author and Founder of Proactive Parenting
Something powerful happens when we start to understand and appreciate our own bodies. By inviting us to become Human Body Detectives, naturopathic doctor Heather Manley treats us with respect, engaging our curiosity and problem solving skills to consider how our own bodies work -- and why. The more we see about how our bodies build, adjust and repair themselves, the easier it is to make smart choices that we'll be glad we made. This imaginary journey propels us through the process of digestion  -- from food to poop, with some farts in between -- helping us discover for ourselves the beauty of eating a rainbow of great food. Even more than that, I'm excited about the fresh ideas and conclusions these stories will spark in reader after reader. So grab your imagination (the best toy) and have fun!
Alan Greene, MD, FAAP
Founder of DrGreene.com and WhiteOut, Author
Learning about our bodies not only ignites an interest in science, but is also a powerful tool for teaching kids how to stay healthy and prevent disease. Human Body Detectives instills the basic principles of a healthy lifestyle along the way—eat well, be active, get enough sleep and be socially engaged—in a most pleasurable way. Enjoy the journey!
Ayala Laufer-Cahana M.D.
Pediatrician, artist, mom, and founder of Herbal Water, Inc.
Dr. Heather’s Human Body Detectives series has great stories written with a heart and sense of humor that engages and educates kids by inspiring them to be healthy, eat well and, most of all, have fun doing it. In fact, ‘Fun’ is the operative word. The good habits and healthy practices your kids will learn in Human Body Detectives are just the by products of the good time they will have reading it. This series, about the importance of kids respecting their own bodies, is one of the greatest gifts you can give your children and one that they will in turn be able to give themselves everyday they employ the lessons learned in the pages of Dr. Heather’s books.
Catherine McCord
mother of two and creator of weelicious.com

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