crazy videos

Watch the everyday adventures of the Human Body Detectives, Merrin and Pearl.

Why does the stomach growl?

Is there peristalsis in any other part in the human body?

How are scabs formed?

Why does the hydrochloric acid not burn the stomach?

A Pink Lemon?

Colored Carrots!

Crunchy & Sweet Fennel

Do you like Bok Choy? Guinea Pigs do!

The Lovely Persimmon!


which is your favorite veggie (or fruit)?

Watermelon Radish

The Beautiful Beet


What’s a Kohl Rabi?

lemonade stand

Pearl and the leaf cutter ants

magic socks

the castor oil cure

nasturiums are not sweet!

Pearl at the market with friends!

Watermelon Eating Contest!


The Saturday Relay Race

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