Ferritin & Hair Loss


Last week I wrote about my experience with ferritin yet I forgot to mention one other important aspect of getting your ferritin levels checked: hair loss. And hair loss is fairly common for most women.

Hair Follicle Physiology

Our hair follicles go through phases: growing ( anagen phase ) and resting ( telogen phase). Interestingly, a hair will grow for 5 years before falling out and being replaced, however, if our iron storages are low during the anagen phase, hair growth will be reduced.

This is the connection; we know iron is stored in ferritin but what about ferritin? Where is it stored? In your hair follicles. So when your body is short on iron, it will take it from your hair follicles and this begins the cycle.

Optimal Ferritin Levels

The normal range for ferritin levels is broad: for women between 10-120 ng/mL. However, an optimal level would be around 50-70 ng/ mL for not only relieving fatigue but helping out hair growth, are required to stop hair loss and for adequate hair regrowth.

Remember, low ferritin is reversible. Have your doctor check your ferritin levels, and if low discuss with her what is the best next step. And be patient, it tends to take months or even up to a year before ferritin levels become stable.

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