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Human Body Detectives Inspires Kids on Healthy Eating & Nutrition  Through the Online Platform, Thinkific

Human Body Detectives books and curricula teach kids the importance of a healthy lifestyle for maintaining a healthy body. Fun and educational, the system inspires kids to learn more about healthy eating choices and nutrition by entering a world of adventure-oriented storytelling.

But how did it begin? It began with books about helping out my kid’s teachers, but then the teachers asked for a curriculum to go with the books – KIDS WANTED MORE! and kids want to feel healthy.

Human Body Detectives On Thinkific


It has been a journey from having activity workbooks to pdf downloads; however, a few years ago, I decided to use the online educational platform Thinkifc (which is a platform that brings course creators and students together in guided education and support).  to house all of the Human Body Detectives courses.

Here are just a few reasons why I chose to share my courses via Thinkific:
  1. I created easy-to-follow modules that both students and teachers can follow
  2. There are video lessons, copy lessons, and downloadable
  3. MY FAVE: There is a discussion section where students can ask me anything and share their work – I LOVE to see their work!
  4. There is a community section where students can interact with other students. I like the idea of students learning from kids. It is empowering
  5. At the end of each course, kids receive a certificate
  6. I can offer “live videos” I haven’t dived into this; however, I will offer this to students, parents and teachers in the future

The beautiful aspect of all of the above, is that kids enjoy it; they are entertained while they are learning. They are supported in what they are learning and encouraged to go deeper into the subject matter, and be critical thinkers. In addition, it all HBD’s mission to educate and entertain kids in a playful way to learn how their bodies work and how best to nourish them.

And this is a good thing 


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