Healthy Eating on a Budget: 6 Easy Tips


Healthy eating on a budget can be challenging, but here are some genuine ways to bring the healthy into your fridge and pantry when on a budget.



Not a fun word, yet recently, a friend cleverly defined it & my interpretation changed:

Healthy Family Eating Begins at the Grocery Store








And yes, healthy eating can be is expensive; however, below are some genuine ways to bring the healthy into your fridge and pantry when on a budget.

1. Grocery Shop Once a Week.

This may take time, so be good and gentle with yourself. We spend more when we go to the grocery store multiple times a week. To make this change, move on to number two; it’s worth investing in this habit. 

2.Yup, You Need to Plan.

This is where I falter; I rarely bring a shopping list to the store. I know, silly, because when I do, I am so happy as not only do I spend less money, but I spend less time in the store.

My suggestion: 

  • Carve out some time and create a Staple Food note on your phone. It’s an excellent easy way to begin. Go back and add to the list whenever someone mentions a new recipe to try.
  • Get your family involved. What meals do they want to eat? And begin to rotate them into your meals and on your shopping list.
3. Shop the Perimeter of the Store

I have spoken about this in the past; It’s brilliant, and makes a ton of sense! The store’s perimeter is where you find all the whole food produced: fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy and loaves of bread. In the middle aisles, you will find processed and can foods plus frozen. The middle is not always so bad, yet it is where you can bust the budget, so try not to spend much time there.

In addition, try your best to buy whole foods and shop at your local farmer’s market. It’s a good idea to know your farmer and support them. Plus, you might be able to buy in bulk and freeze.

5. Meatless Mondays

Meatless Mondays might be a little easier in the kitchen plus more budget friendly: beans and rice ( tacos!), salad, quinoa – there are many options. Click here for some ideas.

6. Eat at Home

I like going out. And I have a friend who adores going out. Not so much for the food part but the fact she doesn’t have to cook or clean. I like the food part, though 😀 and going to restaurants that make meals I don’t cook.

However, cooking at home is healthier and economical; you know what is in your food, and it will cost much less. 


dr. heather

PS I suggest never shopping on an empty stomach either!

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