How using Sunscreen Affects Your Skin Health


You don’t need a high SPF label on your sunscreen 

There are a few reasons why, however, I feel the important ones are staying in the sun longer and not re-applying. Typically, anything higher than SPF 50+ tempts people to stay in the sun longer; you may not burn, yet your skin becomes damaged. Stick to SPFs between 15 and 30 and reapply often.

A great place to go and learn more about sunscreen safety is here. I appreciate how this article speaks about what to do for your skin before you get out in the sun, nutrition and hydration, and protection. It also touches base on tanning beds – which, to be completely honest, I didn’t realize people still used. If you use a sunbed, read this article and might want to change that habit.

The Sunscreen TRUTH

Unfortunately, sunscreen is one of the most toxic products we put on our skin. It is also so so great for our planet (check out this recent article in Popular Science that says why Hawaii is banning some sunscreens).

The Products I Use

Beautycounter’s sunscreen is the highest percentage of zinc-oxide you can find and made of non-nano particles that protect against UVA and UVB. My daughters use the facial stick as it is easy and small and goes on smooth.

The Environmental Working Guide gives it a 1 out of 10 for safety. This is the best score any brand can obtain. And do not forget the importance of food choices and your skin health.


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