My 5 Top Green Veggies


And knowing the upside to eating vegetables

I eat green veggies daily; it’s easy because they are my favorite veggies. I will add them to my breakfast, especially when I have eggs: love asparagus and poached eggs, so it’s simple to begin my day with vegetables. The great up side to eating green veggies, is that they are nutrient power houses. Packed with antioxidants and fiber which nourish, cleanse and energize us. I appreciate the crunchiness of a broccoli, the versatility of the celery, and the sweetness of bok choy. To me, the perfect foods. And for kids, all the Human Body Detectives books talk about vegetables.

1. Asparagus

why adore? I just finished writing a class on cleansing (I plan to offer this class virtually so stay tuned!) and put a emphasis on explaining the liver detox pathways. I mention this because asparagus as the antioxidant, glutathione, which is an important element in supporting the liver during detoxification. Asparagus is packed with fiber which does an amazing job of keeping the digestive and circulatory system squeaky clean by removing toxins.

If your one of the 50% who  notices a slight smell in your urine after eating asparagus, this is why…. the chemical compound culprit is mercaptan. Funny, as it the same chemical that gives skunks their offensive odor.

2. Broccoli

why adore? Broccoli has a perfect combination of vitamin a and k which are important nutrients that aid in vitamin d metabolism. In general, our society is showing deficiencies in vitamin d, so eating broccoli can be helpful. Specific nutrients in broccoli play a strong role in the livers detoxification pathways and because of its fiber content, it does a wonderful job  reducing cholesterol in the body.

3. Bok Choy

why adore? Bok choy gives a huge boost to the immune system because it if packed full of vitamin c and other phytonutrients. It is so easy to cook – slice it up, and stir fry it with a little salt, pepper and garlic. Kids just love it too as it really has a nice sweet taste to it. Here is a fun video Pearl did with her guinea pig.

4. Celery

why adore? Celery is filled with water and fiber which are perfect for people who are counting calories in hopes of shedding a healthy few pounds. It is full of potassium which will help promote toxin removal due to having a diuretic effect (via the kidney). I love it most in soups, in fact, Pearl asks me to make her celery soup… just celery (how easy is that!).

5. Parsley

why adore? It is so easy to grow! Plus it freshens breath, a beautiful added colorful garnish to most meals, and it helps sooth the digestive tract.


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