Bundle: Elementary

Elementary E-Learning six-month extensive yet adventurous, entertaining, and engaging study of ALL the elementary HBD courses. Perfect for e-learning and homeschooling and includes various learning styles to help enhance the teachings.



Elementary E-Learning includes: All courses include teacher’s notes, Dr. Heather lesson videos, activities, games, audio and worksheets.

– HBDs Go into the Digestive System
– HBDs Go into the Immune System
– HBDs Go into the Circulatory System
– HBDs Go into the Skeletal System
– HBDs Go into the Nervous System
– HBDs Learn about Nutrition

There are four lessons in each course for a six month-long teaching.

  • Each lesson begins with an educational video from dr. heather
  • Plenty of activities and labs for an additional two 45-minute class times
  • Total weekly class commitment: three 45-minute classes per week

Plan to share the curriculum with other teachers or parents? Additional licenses available for $50 US per user. Simply Contact Us to purchase today.

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