Elementary: Digestive System

An adventure into the Digestive System that includes:

– Four 50-Minute Lesson Plans with Videos from Dr. Heather
– 20+ Pages of Activities, Experiments, Worksheets
– Human Body Detectives Poster
– Interactive Discussions
– Jeopardy® Review Assessment on PowerPoint, Keynote
– Audio Recording of Story and Theme Song


Four-week extensive yet adventurous, entertaining, and engaging study. Great for e-learning and homeschooling, plus includes various learning styles to help enhance the teachings.

There are four lessons for month-long teaching.

  • Each lesson begins with an educational video from dr. heather
  • Plenty of activities and labs for an additional two 45-minute class times
  • Total weekly class commitment: three 45-minute classes per week

Teacher’s notes, activities, games, audio, and worksheets comfortably stretch each curriculum package out over at least four weeks.

Begin each lesson plan and video early in the week, and then pick as many of the anatomy, physiology and nutrition exploratory games and activities provided to keep the kids engaged until the next lesson. There are plenty of activities to choose from that the kids can add to their personalized HBD folder.

Plan to share the curriculum with other teachers or parents? Additional licenses available for $25 US per user. Simply Contact Us to make a purchase today.

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