The Perfect Diet: Is there one? Find your own perfect diet. 


The Perfect Diet: Is there one? Find your own perfect diet.The perfect diet: Is there one? Yes, it is your own perfect diet, and not your best friends or even what your doctor may suggest.

 Yet, it can be overwhelming, and I completely understand that. We are bombarded with information about all the different types of diets: inflammation, diabetes, Crohn’s disease, gluten-free and everything in between. And most of it makes sense, but how can you do all of it? Or do any really work for you? A good example; for years, the American Heart Association recommended eating a low-fat diet; thinking it was a heart-healthy diet; however, we became obese and chronically ill.

Find your own diet. 

Become aware of your diet and what makes you feel good and what doesn’t.

No one can recommend, well, yes, people can recommend diets ( see mine below) to you, but you need to take this information, do your own research and listen to your body. Take charge. We ultimately know what is best for us. We innately know. Dig deep and listen. Your body does not want to be sick and will do its best to keep healthy. Feed it well, and it will work for you well.

Below are a few of my recommendations and guidelines: 

*Choose a food (the top 2 sensitivity foods are: grains – gluten, and dairy).

▪ Completely eliminate that food for 21 days.

▪ On day 22, eat that food all day long.

  • Note how you feel in the next 72 hours. You might be sensitive to that food if you experience fatigue, headaches, joint pain, or runny nose.

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