The Why Questions We Get From Our Kids


Answering the why questions kids ask, to help them be smarter, more creative yet how it drives us crazy

The why questions never seem to end with kids. And now with them home full-time, it may really seem never-ending. However, despite being fairly inquisitive and thought-provoking, they are also downright exhausting. Looking back, I am thankful my kids had an ongoing curiosity about everything; it made them aware, smart, creative, and imaginative that continues on with them today. In fact, I sometimes miss it, which has inspired this post. I hope to help you answer some of those crazy questions that may come your way.

Why do I have to brush my teeth?

After we eat a meal, food gets stuck in our teeth; *saliva helps wash some food away but not all of it. If we don’t brush our teeth soon after we eat, bacteria will begin munching on the leftover food which doesn’t seem so bad; however, while these bacteria are eating, they leave behind an acid residue. This acid residue will burns holes in our teeth, creating cavities. So brush your teeth soon after each meal, wash away those bacteria and prevent cavities.

The word, saliva, might activate another question: What is saliva? Here is your answer: Saliva is the clear liquid, like water, in your mouth (yes, spit) that keeps the mouth moist and helps to break down the food you eat. 

Why do I have to go to the bathroom?

When we eat our meals, our digestive system takes all the nutrients – vitamins and minerals – it needs from the food we eat. Since the body doesn’t use or need all of it, the large intestine will help get rid of it with a bowel movement ( ie: pooping!) and the kidneys will take care of getting rid of the liquid part ( peeing!). To learn more, read Human Body Detectives: The Lucky Escape.

Why do my fingers and toes get wrinkled in the tub?

Your skin is covered by a light coat of oil and when you are soaking in the water for a long time, the oil washes away. Your fingers and toes have very thin skin and without the protective oil, they become vulnerable – making them swell up and become wrinkly. You may notice your palms and soles of your feet wrinkle too, but not as much because their skin is thicker.

If they are curious about the immune system, check out HBD:  Battle with the Bugs course.

Do you have any? Leave them in the comments and let’s get some kid-friendly answers!


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