Top 6 Health Clues To Listen To


The body constantly gives health clues ( symptoms)  or perhaps, you might saying its screaming for your attention.

The body does not want to be sick and will do whatever it needs to do to get healthy. Below are a few clues that you may have or are experiencing. I like to pass on this type of information in hopes that people will be more aware of their bodies especially, how food affects them.

Health Clues to Watch For & What to Do


Smooth Tongue

If you have been to a Chinese medicine doctor, you are well aware that they inspect the tongue thoroughly.  If your tongue appears smooth and a little shiny, it may indicate a lack of B-vitamins in your body.

  • foods to eat more of: almonds, whole wheat bread, asparagus, dark leafy greens, bananas, salmon, avocados
  • supplements to consider: B-complex blend (take it in the morning as it might keep you up a night).

Cracks in the Corner of your Mouth

This is usually a sign that is a lack of b vitamins in your body.

  • foods to eat more of: almonds, whole wheat bread, asparagus, dark leafy greens, bananas, salmon, avocados
  • supplements to consider: B- complex blend (take it in the morning as it might keep you up a night).

Your Urine

  • Pale or clear: You are well-hydrated. Good job!
  • Dark yellow:  This indicates dehydration so it’s time to drink up! Many people are not fans of plain water, therefore I usually suggest water infused with citrus and hot or iced herbal teas. There are many foods that contain a ton of water, so indulging in them – watermelon, and melons – will help.
  • Cloudy: Cloudiness may indicate the presence of white blood cells which help fight off germs and bugs, so there might be an infection. Best to visit your doctor.
  • Blood or a dark color: A dark-colored urine, unless one is menstruating, requires a trip to the doctor as it could mean of variety of things.

Your Skin

  • Dry itch patches: Eczema is a broad term for several types of skin irritations. It tends to present as dry itchy patches on the face, inside the elbows and behind the knees, and on the hands and feet. Typically people have eczema breakouts from food sensitivities like gluten, wheat and/or dairy and stress. Be more aware of when breakouts occur and see if there is a relationship with what you have eaten or a stressful event.  Many people think the patch is immediate but it may not arise until 72 hours after a food exposure or stress. Be a good detective.

Your Sleep

If you fall asleep the minute or second you hit the pillow, you are most likely sleep deprived. The body LOVES a rhythm and a knowing when it is going to bed and when it will wake. Make an effort to get a night time routine set up by dimming the lights in your house, playing soft music, having a hot bath or shower, sipping some chamomile tea. It can make a big difference in the quality or your sleep and ensure productive next day, and help with digestion!

  • Waking up at night: Staying asleep is hard for many people and may be linked to  stress levels, sleep apnea and even depression. Creating a nightly routine and taking a magnesium supplement before bed can be very helpful. If after a few months you are still having troubles, visit your doctor who can refer you to a sleep specialist.

Side note: To learn more about sleep, I recommend the book, Why We Sleep, by Matthew Walker.

Your Nails

  • White spots: There are many reasons we have white spots on our nailsThey could be due to injury that occurred 4 to 6 weeks earlier, an allergic reaction to nail polish, or a zinc deficiency.
  • Yellow spots: If you have consistently been wearing nail polish, yellow stains may result. They also might be a mild fungus infection. Keep nails trimmed short and rub lavender oil every night may help although, if it doesn’t work, visit your doctor. Yellow nails maybe a sign the liver needs some support. Liver detox teas, and eating liver loving foods such as lemons, beets, beet greens are a great help.

We tend to ignore health clues or small  symptoms that don’ disrupt our day. However, your body is telling you something, so be aware and listen before the symptoms become bigger!


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