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quote form deepak chopraNourishing your body for health prevention, is important as the weather is changing, and we begin to have drier skin, stuffy noses, coughing and perhaps a few colds and touches of flu. However, I am all about prevention and doing my best to avoid the above because I do not particularly appreciate having dry skin or being sick.

Nourishing for prevention is what I want to focus on in this post. Because even if you get the sniffles, your prevention habits will allow you more resilience to bounce back quicker.

Food Choices

Your food choices are essential.

I say it all the time:

The body does not want to be sick, and as Hippocrates said, it is the terrain, not the disease.

Our bodies are designed to fight germs and bacteria; YET can only do this optimally when nourishing it right. I do this with balance ( and being gentle with myself) because I love my chocolate and the occasional potato chip ( or 2), and depriving yourself tends to lead to problems.

How I (food) nourish my body

Begin each day with a glass of water with a squeezed lemon. If I have more time, I will heat the water and add ginger, turmeric and a little raw honey.

Do my very best to have colourful foods at every meal. Smoothie with greens, a sandwich piled high with veggies. You get the picture: Colour up your plate with a variety of whole, nourishing foods.

  1. Keep hydrated. In the cooler months, this can be more difficult; therefore, always carrying a water bottle with you is essential. Herbal teas are good, flavourful ways to keep hydrated too.
  2. Protein at meals. I eat meat, but only good quality meat and fish. I like to add protein powders to smoothies and smoothie bowls, nuts, seeds and/or beans on my salads, and salmon.


I take them. And I know they have helped me over the years. I don’t see them as a quick fix but a long-term health enhancer.

I take these supplements every day:

  1. Cod liver oil (CLO). I primarily use Nordic Naturals CLO. They put great care into their sourcing and working with the fisheries, their LEED-certified plants, their dedication to testing and bottling and their outreach programs. I use their Cod Liver Oils, or ProOmega 2000.
  2. A Multivitamin and Mineral. We could all use a little extra help getting the nutrients we need. I suggest Seeking Health Multivitamins.
  3. Truadapt by Orthomolecular I need to take extra care of my adrenals, and this supplement does just that.
  4. Amy Myers MD Leaky Gut Revive I will have this handy since keeping my gut happy and healthy helps absorb all the nutrients I am eating.

Lastly, I like to support my liver. I drink detox tea daily and sometimes use Seeking Health’s Liver Nutrients.

To order these supplements, travel to my online pharmacy, Fullscript.

Let me know, and I will set you up with a first-time discount and help you with a prescription!


dr. heather

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