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How to build a natural pharmacy that includes homeopathic, botanical medicines, supplements can help families feel proactive & confident in their health.

I have helped many families create a natural pharmacy with homeopathic, botanical medicines, and supplements. I will spend hours with the family, understanding their complaints and illness struggles (maybe the daughter gets chronic earaches and mom headaches). I will then put together a natural pharmacy suited perfectly for them. It is empowering for  families and gives them the confidence they need when someone is sick. Plus, if they called me, they typically had “stuff” on hand! And this is great.

 I do a lot to keep me being healthy me. Nourishing for health prevention, keeping me feeling good and being my best, is a journey (although it gets effortless and very innate over time), therefore always be gentle with yourself.

Below are a few things I strive for every day.

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It’s essential. I say it all the time, the body does not want to be sick, and as, Hippocrates said,“it is the terrain, not the disease.”

Our bodies are designed to fight off germs and bacteria; YET, we can only do this optimally when we nourish it right. I do this with balance (and being gentle with myself) because I love dark chocolate and chocolate chip cookies, and depriving yourself tends to lead to problems.

  • Begin each day with a glass of water with a lemon squeezed. If I have more time, I will heat the water and add ginger and a little raw honey. At times, I begin my day with electrolytes; I like the Seeking Health brand.
  • I do my very best to have colourful foods at every meal; a smoothie with greens, a sandwich piled high with veggies.
  • Keep hydrated. In the cooler months, this can be more difficult; therefore, always carrying a water bottle with you is essential. Herbal teas are good flavourful ways to keep hydrated too.
  • Protein at every meal. I do eat meat, but only good quality meat and not every day. I like to add protein powders to smoothies and smoothie bowls, nuts, seeds and/or beans on my salads, and salmon.

A natural pharmacy that includes homeopathic, botanical medicines, supplements can help families feel proactive & confident in their health.

I take them. I don’t see them as a quick fix but a long-term health enhancer.

I take these every day:

Fish oil or Omega 3. I ONLY take fish oils from Nordic Naturals. They are simply the best in their philosophy, their sourcing and working with the fisheries, their LEED-certified plants, and their dedication to testing, bottling and outreach programs. I use their Cod Liver Oils, ProOmega 2000.

Probiotics. Gut health is essential. There are many things to do for your gut, and probiotics are one. I like the spore-based ones, especially Biocidin ProFlora. If you don’t assimilate and absorb nutrients, your body cannot function well. Probiotics help with this, plus a ton more.

Multivitamin and Mineral. We could all use a little extra help getting the nutrients we need.

Adrenal Adaptogens. There are so many to choose from, and I am constantly rotating. Along with keeping the digestive system happy, the adrenals and stress management are a close second. If you need help choosing a supplement, contact me.

Liver Support. The liver has so many jobs, so I take a liver support supplement or drink a daily detox tea.

 Skin Care

 I have spent the last 20 years focusing on what I put in my body: avoiding GMOs, sourcing quality meats and produce, looking at labels and avoiding food media channels (ADORE Robin O’Brien’s work here). And silly me, I had not spent enough time on what I put on my skin. Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs 60% of what we put on it. In the EU, 1400 chemicals are banned in personal care products, and in the US only 11. THAT IS INSANE. And with the rise in infertility, cancer and learning disabilities (plus mental illness), there is no way these chemicals we put on our bodies every day are not contributing. NO WAY. And then I stumble upon Beautycounter. They ban 1500 chemicals in all their products; they are a B Corp – super cool, lobby in DC to get more regulation and work with the EWG. Learn and shop here. Have questions, email me.



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