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Learn how Human Body Detectives began, why it is important, and what your kids will learn when reading the entertaining adventure stories and e-learning courses.
Through fun and educational adventure books and activities, the Human Body Detectives books teach kids about anatomy & physiology and their nutritional needs.
HBDs Go to School E-Learning offers human body& nutrition courses for kids Immune, Digestive, Circulatory, Skeletal and Nervous Systems, plus Nutrition.
Learn more about why choosing a safer skin and body care line, in addition to make-up, is essential for your overall health. This is the company & products I use - It’s time for a change!
Healthy nutrition for your middle and high school students’ brings awareness while promoting a positive self-image and a deeper appreciation of having a healthy, strong body.
I use FullScript as my supplement dispensary; they have hundreds of high quality supplements. If you have questions, please contact me and I can help you guide you.
Functional Nutrition is when nutrition and digestive physiology meet. This is when we find our optimal health. This is an upper-level e-learning course.

This course is designed to empower pre-teen and teen girls to understand how their female bodies work, their hormone superpowers, and how to nourish them.

My kids love those books and have learned so much about the human body and words like 'esophagus' more please!
Learning about our bodies not only ignites an interest in science, but is also a powerful tool for teaching kids how to stay healthy and prevent disease. Human Body Detectives instills the basic principles of a healthy lifestyle along the way—eat well, be active, get enough sleep and be socially engaged—in a most pleasurable way. Enjoy the journey!
Ayala Laufer-Cahana M.D.
Pediatrician, artist, mom, and founder of Herbal Water, Inc.
Dr. Heather’s Human Body Detectives series has great stories written with a heart and sense of humor that engages and educates kids by inspiring them to be healthy, eat well and, most of all, have fun doing it. In fact, ‘Fun’ is the operative word. The good habits and healthy practices your kids will learn in Human Body Detectives are just the by products of the good time they will have reading it. This series, about the importance of kids respecting their own bodies, is one of the greatest gifts you can give your children and one that they will in turn be able to give themselves everyday they employ the lessons learned in the pages of Dr. Heather’s books.
Catherine McCord
mother of two and creator of