Award winning books and learning resources about health and nutrition


Inspiring kids to learn how their bodies work so they make healthy lifestyle choices.

About Human Body Detectives

The Human Body Detectives book series and learning curriculum was designed to inspire kids to practice healthy habits today so they could build health resilience for tomorrow. It’s a comprehensive system of adventure stories and learning resources designed to entertain and engage children of all ages.


Fun and educational adventure books that teach kids how nutrition can have a positive impact on their anatomy & physiology. Available now in both single title and collection formats.

Elementary Curriculum

E-Learning curriculum and resources targeted to elementary school kids. This collection includes nutrition-focused courses that highlight kids’ Immune, Digestive, Circulatory, Skeletal and Nervous Systems.

Middle & High School Learning

Healthy nutrition learning resources for middle and high school students that are designed to promote a positive self-image and a deeper appreciation of having a healthy, strong body.