Middle & High School: Nutrition

Enhance your middle and high school students’ nutrition awareness while promoting a positive self-image and a deeper appreciation of having a healthy, strong body.

In addition, there is a discussion section to ask questions, community board to interact with other students and Dr. Heather.


Middle & High School Nutrition 101 E-Learning

There are eight lessons in each course for a eight week-long teaching.

  • Each lesson begins with an educational video from dr. heather
  • Reading, homework and activities for addition 30+ minutes each week
  • Total weekly class commitment: two 45-minute classes per week

The course includes:

– Eight lessons each with a educational video from dr. heather and transcript copy
– Eight teacher lesson plans
– Student notes for each lesson
– Cornell, outline or cloze notes for each lesson research project on chosen food
– Homework options, video, app, and slideshow suggestions
– Socratic reading of Robyn O’Brien, “The Unhealthy Truth” (needs to be taken out from library or purchased)
– Research project on chosen food
– Hands-on labs and experiments

Plan to share the curriculum with other teachers or parents? Additional licenses available for $50 US per user. Contact Us today to purchase.

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