Middle & High School: Functional Nutrition

This is an upper-level high school course that is set up slightly different than the other Human Body Detectives courses; it is an independent class where students read class notes, watch video lessons from Dr. Heather and suggested videos, engage in activities plus use the resource page to dive a little deeper into topics of interest.

In addition, there is a discussion section to ask questions, community board to interact with other students and Dr. Heather, and optional quiz at the end.



Middle & High School E-Learning: Functional Nutrition includes:

– All lessons digital pdfs, lesson videos from Dr. Heather Manley, ND
– Extra activities (discussion section to ask questions) and resource page*
– Ten self-directed lesson plans

Lesson 1: What is Functional Nutrition? Digestive Anatomy
Lesson 2: Functions of the Digestive System
Lesson 3: Digestive Enzymes
Lesson 4: Bowel Transit Times
Lesson 5: Brain-Gut Connection: Vagus Nerve
Lesson 6: Macronutrients
Lesson 7: Micronutrients
Lesson 8: Different Food Diets
Lesson 9: Nutrition Related Diseases
Lesson 10: Best Ways to Optimize Food Digestion and Absorption

* Book and video recommendations for further learning, inspirational quotes, charts, images, and full class transcripts

Plan to share the curriculum with other teachers or parents? Additional licenses available for $50 US per user. Contact Us today to purchase.

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