What Role Do Genetics Really Play in Beauty?


Epigenesis research helps us uncover the impact our lifestyle and environment play on our genes.

True beauty, inside and out, begins with epigenetics; the way we live (and react) our everyday life. This includes what we eat, how we sleep, how we move our bodies, how we react to stress, and what just might be a surprise to many, what our environment toxic exposure is. People often ask, what about genetics? Doesn’t that play a huge role? And yes, genetics does play a part, however, much smaller a role than you would think. With the amazing *epigenesis work and research by Bruce Lipton, we now understand the impact our lifestyle and environment play on our genes.

What are Genes?

Genes are basically blueprints of our DNA.  The collection of genes is referred to as a genome. These genes do not control their own power or possible activity, they are controlled by our lifestyle, thoughts, and environmental factors.

Basically, we have a lot more control, or as Bruce says,

“we are the master of our heredity.”

There is a lot more to learn about epigenetics, but the foundational message is, make a conscious decision to choose whole, organic foods, have a positive outlook, move your body, and avoid environmental toxins.

Here is the deal. They below all play an important role. 

Nutrition: poor food choices (mostly processed foods) 

This causes a cascade of problems. Usually, when one consumes a processed food diet, it includes a lot of sugar which in turn begins the formation of AGEs. It also leads to a lack of nutrients, for example, antioxidants, that will give our bodies a lesser chance of preventing the formation of free radicals.

Digestion: daily elimination is important 

We need to have a bowel movement every single day. If you have troubles with that, try to eat way more veggies than you thought possible and drink more water. If those dont help, contact me!

Environmental toxins: chemicals, second-hand smoke, UV exposure

The human body is amazingly adaptable. It doesn’t want to be sick and will work extra hard not be. However, a low dose of any chemical over a long period of time will most likely result in illness. The body will become overburdened and not be able to detox, process, or eliminate it.

Choose products that are cleaner, healthier; for example, vinegar for cleaning, and try one of these in replacement of herbicides and pesticides.

And for beauty products, check out my free eBook: Safer Skincare: Top 6 chemicals to avoid.


Meditate, play, laugh, hike, write – get into a positive way of thinking. Once you become more aware of what you are thinking and saying, the more you will change that dialogue when need be.

The study of epigenetics, our skin, our beauty habits, what we eat, what we think, and what we are exposed to in the environment may tell our genes to turn off our collagen production or slow down the process. As I mention so many times to everyone who will listen, our food choices make a HUGE difference in our overall health. And now being more educated in environmental medicine and epigenetics plus the unregulated beauty care industry, its time to talk about it all more.

Awareness  to all of the above is essential in keeping your body and skin the healthiest it can be. 

*Epigenesis: environmental factors (and food & mindset) that have the ability to act on our DNA by turning genes on and off thus may trigger disease

Wise words from Dr. Anne Marie Fine, 

“Genes load the gun, but environment pulls the trigger.”


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