Getting Kids Back into a School Routine


With Summer Winding It’s Time to Get Kids Back Into a School Routine

Back to a sleep routine before school begins

Sadly, summer break is coming to a close. It is a bittersweet time when parents are ready for a routine and kids are prepared to get back in the school to hang with friends and meet new teachers, yet it is sad to say goodbye to the freedom of summer days. I hope it has been a perfect summer combo of craziness and laziness (some days, I am sure the kids never got out of their PJs). However, it is time to get back into a schedule with sleep, lunchboxes, and much more.


This is the plan….

1. Go to bed earlier

During the summer, bedtime schedules usually do not get enforced. Because of that, I suggest a few weeks before school starts, begin an evening ritual: start at the same time every night, have the kids take a hot bath, and sip a cup of Sleepytime tea.

Have them pick their favourite book, crawl into bed, and begin reading. If you are up to it or have a child who has difficulty settling down, try the wonders of hydrotherapy and magic socks. Hydrotherapy is relaxing and will help induce sleep ( also, great for digestion).

( On Instagram, our bio link has our Sleep PDF and Hydrotherapy PDF; both have helpful tips).

2. Talk about the lunchbox

Kids are super visual when it comes to eating. Actually, most people are. In some ways, this makes preparing food for them very easy – just create a rainbow of food; however, the downside – if you are not so creative – is being creative. And if that is the case, get your kids involved. 

I am a tad lazy in the kitchen, so I do my best to find the simplest way possible to add flavour and colour to my family meals. My friend Catherine McCord at Weelicious has some fabulous recipes I adore because they are easy, nutritious and colourful. We have made her Honey Roasted Cinnamon Chickpeas a perfect healthy addition to a lunchbox or a tasty after-school snack.

The other option is to grab some recipe books and go lunchbox grocery shopping together.

(PS. if you need a fun lunch box, check out @fluf)

3. Essential oils

Back to school often means anxiety, frustration, meltdowns, and many mood issues for both children and parents. Essential oils are powerful tools to quickly address the body’s nervous system and moods because of their connection to the limbic brain ( check out the HBD book Brainiacs to learn more!).

Some of my favourites:

Cedarwood – Wonderfully calming oil that helps if your child is agitated or upset

Lavender – Always very calming

Any citrus oils, especially Wild Orange Blends

  • 2 drops cedarwood essential oil; 2 drops wild orange essential oil; 1 drop ylang ylang essential oil
  • Equal parts lavender and frankincense
  • 5 drops lavender; 2 drops chamomile, 4 drops ylang-ylang

I typically use a diffuser but recommend applying it to the skin with a carrier oil. I do not recommend taking oils internally.


dr. heather

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