What is Your Food Base?


What do we mean by Food Base?

Although I do recommend supplements, we can not depend on them entirely, and we definitely can not out supplement good health.

Thanks to Hippocrates famous quote,

“let food be your medicine and medicine be your food,

we can return to our food base ( check out this pubmed article on whole food base medicine).

Recently, I spoke with a colleague who said, “going back to food base and it works”! We both noticed how the produce section of the markets are full of lots of colorful foods. And how this color represents are the nutrients inside that whole food. And that is our food base.

(Read the Human Body Detective series to understand all about how nourishing our bodies, fuels our physiology! )

When I purchase whole foods, I sometimes have the concern that we won’t eat it soon enough, however, if I see that happening, I will freeze it ( sometimes as soups and stews). This is a good opportunity to get your kids in the kitchen to help, empower the young ones with good knife skills, and come up with some delicious meals.

Out of fruit? Luckily I am in a warmer climate so this might not work for most of you but a friend of mine mentioned she was out of lemons (a good source of vitamin C). So she went on the Next Door app and asked her neighbours if anyone had a lemon tree. The next thing she knew, she was picking some lemons off a neighbours tree. I loved this story!


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