How To Keep Your Child Focused This School Year


Keeping your child focused during the school year on homework and projects can be daunting. Understanding their learning style is helpful as well as the few tips below.

In Medical School, I would have a little vase full of cut rosemary on my desk. I heard, in hallway rumours, that rosemary was the herb of remembrance and memory, and during finals (and just plain studying times), I figured I would try anything.

Side note: Diving more profound into the benefits of rosemary and was surprised to read all the symbols, traditions and medicinal uses associated with this beautiful herb.

Queen Elizabeth of Hungary used rosemary to ease her rheumatism and gout ( it is still used widely as a digestive tonic). She also mixed rosemary and lavender, which supposedly created such beauty that even though she was 72, she was asked for her hand in marriage to a 26-year-old! The goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, was said to have given rosemary as a gift, so brides began wearing rosemary wreaths to symbolize their fidelity.

Here are a few other ways to help keep your child focused

How To Keep Your Child Focused This School Year

The ability to quiet the mind and focus on a project or schoolwork is vital to learning and achieving, and essential oils have a profound ability to affect the brain and increase focus and retention, raise test scores, as well as improve the symptoms of ADD/ADHD.




Citrus Oils –  Bergamot, Clementine, Grapefruit, Lemon, Mandarin, Tangerine, Wild Orange.

Peppermint  Invigorating, Stimulating, Great for Mental Clarity and Retention.

Lavender  a great addition used in a blend with other essential oils to achieve better focus and concentration.

You can use essential oils in a few different ways to increase focus and concentration (I love a diffuser in the morning before school and during homework time).

How to use the essential oils


You put about 10-12 drops of essential oils in the diffuser, and the oils disperse into the air. Smelling essential oils helps deliver the chemicals in the essential oil to the brain’s limbic system, which affects mood and emotions.

Spray and Roller Bottle

Mix in a roller bottle or spray bottle for use during the day at School. They can help awaken the senses, invigorates the mind, and increases blood flow to the brain

  • Rub on temples, brain stem and forehead, avoiding eyes
  • Apply to bottoms of feet ( before school)
Essential Oil Combinations

The combination of Vetiver, Lavender and Cedarwood is the trifecta of oils to blend for focus and concentration.

Rosemary: *Apply 1-2 drops with a carrier oil on the back of the neck and hairline or add to the diffuser with lavender or a citrus.

Peppermint and a citrus

Frankincense is one of the best essential oils for grounding and focus. Put 1-2 drops behind the neck and on the temples, and I love it mixed with lavender in a diffuser.

When applying directly to the skin, it is best to use a carrier oil like olive oil, almond oil, or something similar.

*You can play around with the drops as to what smells best for your child. This can be an enjoyable project with the kids!

 Further Reading

One last suggestion on keeping your child focused this school year is with the supplement  DHA and EPA which can be found in Cod Liver oil. DHA can be very helpful in learning and EPA is supportive for moods. I recommend Nordic Naturals fish oils and you can find them here plus the above essential oils.


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