Sick Kids? Treat Yourself First


When kids are sick, treat yourself first.

Remedies when sickWhen your kids are sick, it can be daunting for parents. However, the best thing to do the moment they complain of not feeling well, is to treat yourself first. And of course, teaching kids how their immune system works and how it fights bugs empowers them to make healthy choices to help keep it strong and resilient.Kids will feel safer when they understand how their immune system works and how it can fight germs. I believe that. Kids want to feel and be healthy. Empowering kids help give them confidence and strength to be successful in every aspect of their lives today and tomorrow.

However, they do get sick, and we want them to get sick as it helps make their immune system strong and intelligent ( they store the memory of that pathogen in case you run into it again), yet we do want them to bounce back quickly with resilience. I know firsthand the feelings that come up when your child is sick. You feel horrible and want to do as much as possible for your child. The energy you bring to them can hinder your intentions; therefore, I always suggest parents treat themselves first before treating their children. It is similar when on an airplane, and you give yourself the airbag first. If parents feel stressed about their child being sick, their child will feel it. And stress requires numerous nutrients which might be taken away from the immune system. So how to treat yourself first? These are the two best ways:

Breathe: Andrew Huberman, neuroscientist, suggests taking a long breath and then take in a little more, hold it, and breath out. Doing this just once can help.

Bach Flower Rescue Remedy: You can purchase this at any health food store or Fullscript. It helps relieve stress and create calmness. I used it all the time when my kids were young. And even as teens, my kids used it before events like exams. 

And then shift focus on the power of our bodies, your child’s bodies. Talk about white blood cells, our inner soldiers, and how they work hard & strong to protect them. Remind your kids that they need to be fed with whole colourful foods, lots of water, and smiles & giggles. The human body does not want to be sick, and when fueled right, we give it the power to take good care of us.

If your kids have questions about pathogens and the immune system, here is Human Body Detectives: Battle with the Bugs! It’s an entertaining yet educational way to introduce the immune system to kids. It will encourage them to try new foods and avoid sugar.

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dr. heather

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