Understanding The Foundation of Hormonal Health 


For young women to understand the foundation of hormone health, is something I wish I had known when I was a teen because …

To understand the foundation of hormonal health and avoid… Acne, mood swings, and PMS…

Not only can these make girls feel less confident about themselves…

But trying to prevent them by going on birth control or over-the-counter meds is NOT the answer.

Those are short-term preventions (and may – or did for many- create many other problems too)…

You’d really want to understand the foundation of hormonal health to assess every girl’s overall health.

Then they will realize how to prevent sickness, exhaustion, or stress. So, if you have a daughter struggling with these during her menstrual cycle, pay close attention to these lifestyle strategies.

My two teenage daughters inspired me to help other girls with their hormonal health, and I have weaved in support to help with their physical and emotional changes, and it’s SO easy for anyone to understand!

Know Your Body Period ImageSince launching my Thinkific courses, we have guided many preteens, teens, and young women ( even mothers) to become more confident with their bodies after learning how to support them in simple, natural ways; talking about women’s health can be an uncomfortable topic and will often be ignored yet with the proper education, girls are now able to communicate with their parents or doctors about changes to her body and make positive choices to support their well-being.

Then more girls will be able to contribute to reducing these statistics:

  • 14% of teens skip school because of period symptoms.
  • 90% of girls are affected by PMS which may hinder their everyday life.
  • 50% of teenage girls develop acne, affecting body image and confidence.
  • 21% of women are diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and 10% with endometriosis.

So, if you want your daughter to learn how her body works and to give it the attention it needs,

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P.S. Many parents have said that THIS curriculum has empowered girls and young women to learn how to care for themselves properly!


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