You’ve Overindulged. Now What?


What if you’ve overindulged during the holidays? Now what? 

The holiday season is about celebrating with family and friends and holiday treats. It’s good to enjoy spending more time with your loved ones this time of year, but sometimes, we overindulge a bit and forget to listen to our bodies, which clearly tells us to stop eating and drinking! Below are a few preventable tips to remember and what to do if the excitement overshadows.

 Overindulgence Prevention 101

1. Don’t go hungry at a party: Eat an excellent protein-rich meal beforehand.

2. Be hydrated. Sipping some champagne or egg nog in moderation is fine, but don’t forget to drink water. Alternate alcohol and sugaring drinks with water, or better yet, have only one “holiday” drink.

3. Sleep. No one needs to stay up until midnight or later during the holidays. Try to keep a schedule as regular as possible. Your body prefers some structure.

4. Think colour. Remember to eat as many colourful whole foods as possible at home or a party. They are not only fibre rich and will fill you up; they are packed with nutrients to keep your immune system strong.

You’ve Overindulged

1. Give yourself a break. Everyone has slips, and it is okay.

2. Drink water with lemon: a whole lemon. Lemon is good for the liver ( helps with detoxifying), refreshing, and full of nutrients. You can also find Liver Detox Tea at your local health food store – your liver will appreciate it.

3. Homeopathic Nux Vomica 30 C could be your best friend during the holiday season. The most prominent indication of taking the remedy is overdoing it with food and alcohol. If you overindulge by chance, take as directed before you go to bed and immediately when you get up.

Happy Holidays,

dr. heather

PS If you missed our post with Cynthia Lair’s “Yogi Tea,” here is the recipe again, as it might be helpful!

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