Know your body, period.

Did you know?

  • 14% of teens skip school because of period symptoms.
  • 90% of girls are affected by PMS that may hinder their everyday life.
  • 50% of teenage girls develop acne affecting body image and confidence.
  • 21% of women are diagnosed with PCOs and 10% with endometriosis.

Reduce Statistics

By teaching girls the physical and emotional changes that occur in their bodies, we empower them to make good choices. It addition, it allows them to anticipate the changes that occur as hormones fluctuate throughout the month. Understanding these patterns and what is normal may reduce the risk of future health issues. By educating girls about their bodies and teaching them important lifestyle strategies, we hope to contribute to a reduction in these statistics.

Good health doesn’t come from a doctor or from medicine you take. Good health comes from the inside out. It comes from understanding how your body works and making choices that support its function. When girls understand how their bodies work,  they are able to observe characteristics of their periods or changes over time  that indicate when their bodies need more attention.

Periods are Powerful

Human life would not exist without them.  With the onset of puberty and menstruation, girls’ preteen and teenage years are marked by strong physical and emotional changes. But menstruation doesn’t have to be embarrassing or scary. In our course, preteen and teenage girls learn about their menstrual cycle and how to support it in simple, natural ways.

When we demystify the female anatomy & physiology, girls, and young women are empowered to take care of themselves, feel more comfortable in their bodies, and claim their feminine vitality for a lifetime of health.

The Menstrual Cycle: A Vital Sign

In a  December 2015 article,  The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists ( ACOG) point to the menstrual cycle as a vital sign for adolescent well-being and emphasize its importance in assessing the overall health of the girl. For instance, sickness, exhaustion or stress may interfere with the menstrual cycle.  When the menstrual period stops, the body is saying, slow down. When a girl is able to talk knowledgeably about the changes in her body, she can be a strong partner with her parents and doctor in making choices that affect her wellbeing in positive, supportive ways.

I have spent the last 10 years dedicated to teaching children how their bodies work and what foods best fuel them. My children inspired this journey and now as teenagers, and helping many women with their hormonal health, it was time to expand my girl’s curriculum. This stuff is important. It is the foundation of a woman’s health. Knowledge is power and once girls realize their hormones give them superpowers, who knows how amazingly far our girls will go.

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Know Your Body, Period.


This course is designed to empower pre-teen and teen girls to understand how their female bodies work, their hormone superpowers, and how to nourish them. Knowledge is power and once girls realize their hormones give them superpowers, who knows how amazingly far our girls will go.


The Know your body, period course includes:

  • 8 modules
  • Each modules contains 1 to 9 lessons
  • Each module begins with an educational video from dr. heather with transcript copy
  • Reading, homework and activities for addition 30+ minutes each week
  • Total course length commitment: 30 hours



Everyday wellness from sleep, to movement, to nutrition, to beauty care, and self-care with using crystals & essential oils.


Female physiology, hormones, the moon, the seasons, journaling, and charting, spirituality.


  • Menstrual Phase: Hunker Down and Let it Flow

  • Follicular Phase: Get Moving

  • Ovulation Phase: You Can Do Anything

  • Luteal Phase: Slow Down, Take Stock

All include: The Science: What’s Happening in Your Body, Unleash Your Superpowers. Nourish Your Superpowers


Conclusion, Glossary, References

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